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Performance Psychology Solutions Built for Everyone

At Ascend we aim to create performance psychology services that are both impactful and accessible. We strive to facilitate growth in key areas, helping everyone elevate performance and achieve individual goals and personal success. While many pathways towards success exist, we emphasize positive sustainable growth methods that are proven by empirical data to develop not only performance success but also strong mental health, confidence, and to promote continual development in performance and throughout life.

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A rapidly growing field of psychology, performance psychology aims to help individuals improve their functioning levels from "everyday to elite." Vastly different from traditional psychology or therapy, certified performance psychology consultants leverage a constantly growing database of cutting edge research to promote optimal human performance in fields such as the performing arts, sport, business and other diverse performance domains. Performance psychology provides resources that can impact everyone within the field of performance; at Ascend we specialize in creating a performance psychology based program tailored to meet the unique needs of yourself or your organization.

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