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Performance Psychology Solutions Built for Everyone


Mitchell DeSimone, EdD

Doctor of Sport & Performance Psychology

Dr. DeSimone is a retired professional dancer and holds both a masters and doctoral degree in Sport & Performance Psychology. He actively works with professional, collegiate and youth performing artists and traditional sport athletes and all those who support them to help develop mental habits and routines that simultaneously promote elite performance and positive mental health.

Dr. DeSimone is engaged in extensive research in sport and performing arts and is currently available to work with organizations, groups or individual clients. He currently serves as a Psychology Professor at Sacred Heart University. Contact us through the button below to book or for more information!


A rapidly growing field of psychology, performance psychology aims to help individuals improve their functioning levels from "everyday to elite." Different from traditional psychology or therapy, certified performance psychology consultants leverage a constantly growing database of cutting edge research to promote optimal human performance in fields such as the performing arts, sport, business and other diverse performance domains. Performance psychology provides resources that can impact everyone within the field of performance; at Ascend we specialize in creating a performance psychology based program tailored to meet the unique needs of yourself or your organization.

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