In a phrase, performance psychology is focused on the transition from "everyday to elite." This field of psychology seeks to answer questions about what we need in order to consistently perform at our best, to develop rapidly and to maintain a productive and healthy mindset in the face of adversity. At Ascend, these are some of our primary focuses!


When working with a certified professional, performance psych can benefit mental and physical approaches for everyone!


With Ascend's preset modules, 1:1 sessions or group discussion methods we have the tools to address this together, however you feel most comfortable.


Ascend creates performance psych programs to improve confidence, performance, growth, mindset, clarity and to help promote positive mental health.


Performance psych interventions can begin at any time, but are most effective if starting before or early in the season. Contact Ascend to discuss the approach best for you!

Performance Psychology and YOU!

Performance psychology is a diverse field with nearly limitless resources. You likely see a ton of this information posted online, on social media, in articles or other publications but this is often generalized, confusing or simply a quote taken out of context. While we may know that some of these approaches or words are important, it can be difficult to know exactly how to implement them or how they will affect long term mindset, mental health and performance.


A Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) can help apply these resources to your unique situation to ensure you are able to maximize individual or organizational performance and minimize mental or physical risk. The CMPC is the ONLY recognized performance psychology certification in the world and requires either a masters or doctoral degree and an extensive certification process to obtain. While many individuals who use titles such as 'life coach' or 'mindset coach' may have some benefit, there are risks to working with uncertified individuals within the field of psychology. Learn more about the CMPC and why it is important by clicking HERE or by reaching out to Ascend today!

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